Business loan with bad credit

How to apply for a business loan with bad credit

Many of us have suffered from bad credit at one point or another, and unfortunately when you are in the process of establishing a new business your credit score becomes equally as important as when applying for personal credit. Because a start up business has no, or very little, financial background of its own lenders will look to your own credit rating. However, even if you do have a poor credit history there is still the possibility of finding a business loan with bad credit. The key is to prepare yourself in every way possible.

Know the credit score

The first step to finding a business loan with bad credit is to accurately determine the extent of your poor rating. The major financial institutions collect financial information and this is compared to the rest of the nation and a credit score subsequently applied.

Basically, the higher the score the better your credit, the less you are considered a risk and the more you will have access to business loans with preferential rates and terms. You can obtain your fico score online at very little cost and once you have this information you will already be more equipped to find the appropriate business loan with bad credit.

Finding lenders offering bad credit loans

The next step is to find lenders that are willing to consider your circumstances and, more importantly, are likely to offer you a business loan with bad credit. Because you know your financial score and have the information to hand you are in a position to ask lenders whether they would be able to offer you a loan.

Remember that every failed application you make is marked down on your credit history and too many will lower your credit score further. Ask the question but make sure that the lender does not complete a credit check without your authorisation.

Finding a business loan with bad credit

There are many more lenders willing to offer a business loan with bad credit compared to previous times. This has opened up the market to increased competition and, therefore, a number of business loans with improved rates. Just because you may have a bad credit score does not mean you won't be able to get a loan and it shouldn't mean you would have to pay the earth in interest rates and fees every month. Shop around for the best deals available from lenders that are most likely to accept your application.

Making your bad credit history history

Every repayment you make as per your agreed schedule will rebuild your credit score. As you repay more and more, so your credit score improves. After one or two years of your company's inception you may want to consider shopping around again (check the terms of your original loan first) to find either another business loan with bad credit or if you have rebuilt your credit substantially you could look at any business loan on offer.